Meet Sasha

Corporate woman by day. Makeup Junkie by night. Wife & Mommy always.

I love makeup. Through the years I’ve built a collection of many different skincare products and makeup of all brands. And as much as I love to try new products and looks myself, lately I have found even more joy in talking about makeup and helping others learn what to use and how to use it.

So often while shopping at beauty counters, I have found myself helping fellow shoppers because as much as I love my own products – I really enjoy helping others pick out the perfect product for them. I founded SY Makeup as a way to reach more people and share my love and knowledge of makeup, skincare and everyday tips and tricks.

I’ve been interested in skincare and makeup as long as I can remember. Growing up I used all kinds of at-home beauty hacks – pot of steaming water for a facial, soaking my face in an ice bath (before ice rollers became popular!) and homemade face scrubs and hair masks.

I graduated high school as a licensed Cosmetologist but took a turn and entered the corporate world where I continue to enjoy growing my career. But with SY Makeup, I’ve had a chance to return to my roots of cosmetology – and I’m loving it.

I hope that SY Makeup will excite you about skincare, the latest makeup trends and products and help you with tips and tricks that work for you. You will find everything here – from quick on-the-go makeup routine to full glam. From basic skincare for growing teens to full skincare routines for anti-aging.

Not every look has to be YouTube Glam – I’m here to help you find what works for you and your lifestyle. I hope you find the site helpful and that it brings you inspiration.

Now lets get glowing!


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