the look:


Application Time: 1 hr
What You’ll Need
  • Primer: Cinema Secrets Primer
  • Luminizer: Becca Illuminating XX
  • Foundation: Clinique Beyond Perfecting
  • Under eye corrector: NYX Under eye corrector
  • Concealer: Revlon Age Rewind/Tarte Shape Tape
  • Setting Powder Under eyes: Laura Mercier Brightening Powder
  • Face powder: Cinema Secrets Ultralucent Power
  • Setting spray: Mac Fix+
  • Brow Pomade: Anastasia Dip Brow or pencil
  • Eye primer: Concealer
  • Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette
  • Revlon Telescopic Liner in black or brown
  • Lancome Voluminous
  • Morphe 9N Blush Palette
  • Physicians Butter Bronzer
  • Anastasia Glow Kit
  • Cream Contour Stick
  • Beauty Blender
  • Powder brush Morphe G7
  • Contour powder brush Morphe G37
  • Blush brush Elf
  • Undereye buffer brush – Morphe G38
  • Concealer brush – Real Techniques setting brush
  • Highlight brush
  • Concealer brush for primer – Morphe G10
  • Fluffy crease brush – Smith 232
  • Small fluffy crease brush – Morphe 513
  • Dense brush – Morphe 322
  • Smudge brush – Sigma E21
How-To Tutorial
Step 1: Prep the skin!
  • Exfoliate (night before or morning of) will allow the makeup to have a flawless application
  • Eye Cream, Moisturize
  • Let everything settle in while starting the eye application
Step 2: Brows
  • With the brow pomade and a brow brush – brush hairs up, fill in the brows using short strokes until desired look
Step 3: Eyes
  • Start with eyes for glam to not have to worry about fall out – we’ll clean the undereye up after the finished eye application
  • Prime the eyes using light shade of concealer and a concealer brush. Buff concealer across entire eye, focusing on a nice bright highlight at the brow bone. Set with a bone colored eye shadow.
  • Start with Warm Taupe/soft shape as transition shade – with windshield wiper motions apply a small wash of color.
  • Crease – start to deepen the crease with Buon Fresco/medium shade.
  • “Stamp” the Cyprus Umber/darkest shade in the corner and then work it up and over with a blending fluffy brush. Increase the intensity as you wish.
  • Take small amount of concealer to “cut out” the lid and brighten up to create contrast.
  • Apply Vermeer/shimmer shade to lid and blend one final time in the crease to make sure everything is seamless.
  • Finish eyes by lining the top lid with the liquid liner and finish with your favorite mascara
  • Using your smudge brush – apply the darkest shadow used above to your waterline and buff the color across your under-eye
Step 4: Clean up Fallout & PRIME!
  • Before applying liner and lashes, take a cotton pad and cleansing water or makeup wipe and clean up any fallout under your eyes
  • Apply primer all over your face
Step 5: Lids & Lashes
  • Finish eyes by lining the top lid with the liquid liner and finish with your favorite mascara
  • Using your smudge brush – apply the darkest shadow used above to your waterline and buff the color across your under-eye
Step 6: Face
  • Face: start by brightening up the under eyes with NYX under eye corrector – use a concealer brush to apply and buff it into the undereyes with a the Morphe buffer brush
  • Foundation – mix foundation on back of hand with a pump of Becca Skin Perfector (or any luminizer) and apply to the face with a beauty blender.
  • TIP: take your time pouncing the beauty blender – this is how the skin will look flawless and last all day. Also make sure to blend into your hairline and
    down the neck to not have foundation lines.
  • Before setting the face – lets contour!
  • Cream contour stick – draw a line of contour right at the cheek bone – and along the forehead – use the Morphe brush or a beauty blender to blend the contour
    – making sure to buff upwards.
  • Apply concealer to the under eye area = one shade lighter than foundation – use the beauty blender to blend the concealer.
  • TIP: As soon as concealer is blended – while continuing to look up – set the under eye with a translucent setting powder – if you look down while
    setting – it will crease, Leave the powder on to set for a few minutes and then buff away.
  • Set the rest of the face with powder.
  • Use bronzer powder to bronze up the forehead – and apply some to the same cheek bone areas as the cream contour.
  • Apply blush to the apples of the cheeks
  • Apply highlighter to the top of the cheek bones and along the bridge of the nose and tip of the nose.
Step 7: Lips
  • Finish by lining your lips and apply your favorite liquid lipstick.
  • TIP: If you have a dark eye look, go with a nude light lip. If you have a lighter eye look, go with a bold color/red.
Step 8: Set
  • SET THE FACE – LAST STEP – SPRITZ FIX PLUS/SETTING SPRAY TO KEEP THE MAKEUP IN PLACE ALL DAY. I also dab a brush into the skin to truly melt
    everything in.